Absorbing moisture

Desiccants are used to adsorb specific particles. We use a pure 3A desiccant that is specifically manufactured to adsorb water molecules; 3A referring to the water molecule size. Some cheaper desiccants are not pure 3A and may adsorb gases as well as moisture which can cause deflection – inward movement of glass, potentially resulting in sealed unit failure.

Carried inside the spacer tube, desiccant adsorbs any moisture present at production. This can be in the atmosphere or within the glass due to the washing process. The desiccant will continue to adsorb any moisture that enters the sealed unit during its lifespan.

Long term performance

Desiccant management is vital to long term sealed unit performance. We test desiccant daily to ensure it is working to a sufficient level, enabling us to be sure that our units will last in tough climatic conditions.

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