KTX Screws

KTX Screws

KTX is a specially developed and patented head recess that offers significant advantages to other screw recesses. The head will take KTX, Pozi, Square and Philips screw bits and it has a deep recessed head for good engagement with the screw bit. All the screws are precision manufactured using hardened steel and each box is accompanied with a 50mm KTX screw bit free, as the screw bits and screws come from the same manufacturer they offer perfect fit.

Further information

  • Suitable for KTX, Square, Pozi and Philips drive screw bits
  • Stick fit head for KTX and good Pozi and Square drive screw bits
  • No wobbling, slippage or rimming out of head
  • The best performance in pull out when a screw needs to be removed
  • No pilot hole or pre drilling required
  • Suitable for all woods including softwood, chipboard, MDF, plywood and the hardest hardwoods

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